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An Overview of Five CSS Math Functions


CSS math functions are one of the powerful features of CSS. They are special CSS values that enable front-end developers to perform mathematical calculations and basic arithmetic directly within their CSS stylesheets. CSS has five math functions that allow you to perform basic arithmetic operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication, comparison, and division on CSS numeric units such […]

Introduction to Smart Contracts and Solidity


A smart contract is an agreement between one or more parties written as code. The participants define the rules and conditions between them before drafting the contract.  When the conditions established beforehand in the contract are fulfilled between the participants, the contract takes its complete form, and each party must fulfill its obligation. These contracts […]

Everything You Need to Know to Map SQL Tables to REST Endpoints in Python


The backbone of back-end programming is the act of sending, receiving, and manipulating data. The two most common ways of interacting with backend data are SQL (“Structured Query Language”) and REST (“REpresentational State Transfer”) APIs. SQL is the method that many servers use to store their data, while REST is a method of transferring that […]

What You Never Learned about JavaScript Functions


Functions are weird. Consider the following code: Seems straightforward enough, right? We’re creating a function sayHello, then immediately calling it. Now, what about the following code: This “intuitive” code comes loaded with assumptions and processes that we regularly take for granted: Why are we able to assign a function to a variable? What is this […]

Everything You Need to Know about All 11 CSS Filters


CSS, the language for visually styling elements on the web, has evolved to include features that can change an element’s visual effects in a website’s source code – freeing you from the need for graphical and photo editing software. Enter CSS filters. CSS filters allow developers to alter an HTML element (usually an image) appearance […]

Building a Better Future for Data Teams with Live Technical Interviews

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How should data teams work smarter in the future — and can better technical interviews help them do it?  These were just some of the many thought-provoking questions I recently talked through with Boris Jabes of Census on his podcast, The Sequel Show. We covered everything from the overlap between interviewing and creating collaborative tech organizations […]