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CoderPad helps you hire better candidates faster, with an intuitive live programming environment

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Have you ever been in an interview that got awkward because the candidate kept getting stuck?

It happens all the time: a programmer is given an interview problem and an hour to solve it over the phone in a plain text editor. They take a crack at it and write a totally reasonable solution.

There’s just one hangup: the candidate hasn’t found the one weird bug in their solution. Furthermore, it’s a bug that would be super obvious if they could just run their code.

It’s strange how programming interviews have ended up taking away tools from the highly trained wizards you want to hire. Programmers spend years mastering a vast and bewildering array of essentially magic spells, only to be forced to basically draw code on a whiteboard at the moment of truth. We can change that.

Let candidates show you their best selves.

CoderPad is like EtherPad or Google Docs, but designed to let candidates actually write programs that run. It’s simple, fast, and remarkably powerful.

We believe that everything gets better when you trust your candidates enough to give them their tools back (and they definitely agree). It doesn’t hurt that it makes your life easier, too.

You wouldn’t audition a concert pianist with a toy piano, and you shouldn’t interview programmers with a Google Doc. When you collaborate with candidates on writing working code, you see a more accurate picture of their abilities — and they’ll like you better for it, too.

How we do it

CoderPad makes it easy to compile and run code in over 20 of the most popular programming languages. It takes five seconds from starting an interview to running a “Hello, World” in Java. We go the extra mile to make doing interviews surprisingly pleasant:

Works with other recruiting software

CoderPad integrates with popular recruiting tools so you can schedule interview sessions within your existing software, without changing tabs.

Learn more on our integrations page.

Don’t just take our word for it

CoderPad is by far the best coding interview tool we’ve used. It beats the pants off of all the other "live editor" services out there - and then it lets you execute code, too!

My goal is to simulate real work as much as I can in an hour. CoderPad lets me do just that - the candidate gets to write code in a language they know, run it, write test cases, and debug. It’s so, so much better than just pseudocoding on a whiteboard.

CoderPad has been a great addition to our interviewing toolkit. With it, you can watch a candidate iteratively develop their code and then actually use the compiler for debugging. This adds a whole new dimension to the process and brings it one step closer to the holy grail of natural coding in an interview.

Twitter has our back, too

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