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Announcing CoderPad’s Latest ATS Integration with SmartRecruiters

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CoderPad’s 2022 tech hiring survey showed that 35% of recruiters plan to hire more than 50 engineers this year alone. And when you’re in the middle of a hiring push and trying to assess a pool of promising software engineers, every moment counts. No one has time to toggle between different tools to find technical interview records, log in and out of different accounts, and ultimately waste precious mental energy with a messy, inefficient hiring funnel.

That’s why CoderPad is prioritizing bringing you more Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrations this year so that all of your hiring tools work seamlessly from one place. 

Today we’re happy to announce our newest integration with SmartRecruiters to make your ATS fully compatible with both CoderPad’s live technical interviewing product and our asynchronous, skills-based, technical screening assessments (from CodinGame). (As a reminder, CoderPad and CodinGame merged last year to allow you to evaluate technical talent at every stage of the hiring funnel.)   

With the CoderPad-SmartRecruiters integration, you can generate pad links for quick scheduling of technical interviews and find the link to playback every keystroke and code execution from the interview within the ATS itself. 

With the CodinGame-SmartRecruiters integration, you can send technical assessments to candidates with one click. When the assessment is completed, review the score directly within the ATS itself too. 

Leveraging the CoderPad and CodinGame integrations for SmartRecruiters allows recruiting teams and engineering managers to have a holistic view of their technical hiring funnel in one place. These integrations are super simple to set up, so don’t hesitate to implement today!