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Just announced: We now support interviewing in spreadsheets!
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CoderPad March Releases

Product Updates

Lots of exciting news at CoderPad this month! Keep reading to learn about our SOC2 compliance, how you can create better questions faster & apply for early access to betas like webcam proctoring and interview transcription.

CoderPad Screen updates

Insights into your custom questions

Custom questions are a highly effective way to assess the skills most important to your team. Now with more granular visibility into question performance (such as success rate and if candidates run out of time), you can better gauge if your questions are too complex or too easy and fine-tune them to be even more effective. 

Smart content search

Want to find more relevant content in the Screen question bank? With enhanced search on the Question page, you can find more questions associated with the keyword you enter – even if there are typos!

Warning for duplicate candidate invitations

A new warning alert will appear when sending multiple invitations to the same candidate either by .csv import or manual entry. Although this warning message won’t block the invitation, it will be triggered when:

  • Several candidates are duplicated in the invitation form.
  • Some candidates in the invitation form have already been invited to the same test.

Team workspaces for admins – Enterprise and Custom plans

New admin users will be automatically added to all teams you have set up in Screen. This will give admins an easy overview of account usage, and save you the hassle when adding an admin.

You can always use the “team admin” permission if you wish to restrict the resources users can see to the teams they belong to.

Webcam proctoring (beta)

If you need more reassurance of candidate integrity during your tech assessments, you can now enable webcam proctoring to alert you about suspicious candidate behavior. Webcam proctoring captures screenshots of candidates during the assessment and alerts you if:

  • no face was detected during the test or part of the test
  • several people were present during the test
  • different faces were identified during the test

This feature is only available for customers on Custom or Enterprise plans. If you would like early access to this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support to join the beta. 

CoderPad Interview updates

Create multiple pads at once

We’ve made it easy to create multiple pads for a specific language environment with the “Create multiple pads” feature.

Clicking on this option allows you to generate a list of pads easily and set the pad titles ahead of time. You can grab the pad URLs and quickly send them out to your candidates — making your interview process that much more efficient.

Interview transcriptions (beta)

Get full-text transcripts of live interviews when you use built-in CoderPad video calling.

  • Get a better picture of the candidate’s communication skills and review how they explained their code
  • No more note taking necessary! Interviewers can focus solely on the interview and conversation
  • Help your team become better interviewers! Talent teams can review the  interview transcripts for consistency and coaching opportunities

Platform updates

CoderPad’s SOC2 certification

We are thrilled to announce that we have are SOC2 certified! In addition to our other security practices and certifications, we are deeply committed to keeping your data (and your candidates’ data) protected and private. You can learn more about all of CoderPad’s security and privacy measures here.