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CoderPad April Releases

Product Updates

We’re excited to share some exciting new features with you. Keep reading to find out more about Screen proctoring, new tests and languages, live interview transcriptions and more. 

CoderPad Screen updates

Webcam proctoring – In beta and wider release coming soon!

Ensure the integrity of the hiring process in select geographic or competitive markets. Keep it fair for everyone (candidates and employers) with CoderPad proctoring, which will take photos of candidates every 10 seconds and alert you of suspicious behavior.

Webcam proctoring is only available to Custom or Enterprise plan customers. If you would like early access to this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support to join the beta. 

Proctoring preview from our recent What’s New in CoderPad webinar.

Cheating alerts included in your .csv exports

Any suspicious activity flags identified during the technical assessment will now be exported if you export via .csv, so you have visibility into suspicious behavior wherever you explore the data. 

New spreadsheet content available

We’ve just released a batch of new Excel questions on your CoderPad Screen platform. Whether you are looking to test for beginners or experts, these challenges are designed to test candidates’ spreadsheet skills. 

Ashby integration

You can now send CoderPad Screen assessments as part of your Ashby workflows! To set up the integration, please see our docs for step-by-step instructions.

CoderPad Interview updates

Interview transcriptions (Custom and Enterprise plans)

Get more context and better insights into your candidates skills with full-text transcripts of live interviews, when you use built-in CoderPad video calling.

  • More context – Get a fuller picture of the candidate’s communication skills and review how they explained their code
  • More focus – Helps interviewers be more focused in the interview and interacting with their candidates (and less focused on taking notes) 
  • Better interviews – Talent teams can review the live interview transcripts for consistency and coaching opportunities for interviewers

React Native Web environment

We’ve released a React Native Web environment for teams hiring for mobile/React Native. 

Evaluate your candidates on their skills with React Native components, state management, testing with Jest, and building a responsive mobile UI. Try it out in a sandbox