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Just announced: CoderPad Play! Engage your team with fun technical challenges.
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CoderPad June releases

Product Updates

We’re excited to share new features with you! Keep reading to learn about adding a custom time frame for candidates to complete tests, giving candidates the option to take the test in Chinese, exporting your pad and test usage stats, and more.

CoderPad Screen updates

Test availability window

Need to make tests available for only a set time window (like for university recruiting or high-volume postings)? You can now set a custom time frame (for a few days, for example – or even a few hours) when your tests will be available for candidates. This feature is available for Enterprise and Custom accounts. 

Chinese language support for questions

We’ve just updated our question bank on CoderPad Screen to include support for viewing instructions in Chinese. Candidates can seamlessly switch between Chinese and English during their tests, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive experience.

CoderPad Interview updates

Export detailed usage reports

We’ve updated the Insights page usage reports to provide more detailed information across CoderPad Screen and Interview. Now, you can export two CSVs: one with total usage by calendar month, and another with detailed logs of each pad and test. Select your export, and the CSV will be emailed to you.

Drag and drop for multi-file pads

Drag your existing repo into a multi-file pad to quickly create a realistic interview environment. Then, you can save the whole pad as a reusable question. Select “Multi-file projects” in the languages menu to try it out in 10 of the most popular coding languages. 

Next.js pads

Need to conduct an interview with Next.js? Now you can – navigate to Languages -> Frontend Frameworks. We also created a Next.js example question that you can use as inspiration to get started!

CoderPad Play updates

We are excited to announce the launch of CoderPad Play, a thrilling and creative addition to our platform designed to inject fun and excitement into your tech challenges. 

CoderPad Play enables you to create engaging coding games and hackathons that foster collaboration, stimulate problem-solving skills, and provide fun for your team. Expect to build stronger teams, increase brand awareness, and create beloved team-building activities with challenges like puzzles, clash of code, escape games, and more. 

Learn more about CoderPad Play.