On-Demand Webinar

The Secrets to Aligning Talent Acquisition & Engineering Teams



Building a great team of engineers requires a strong, collaborative partnership between talent acquisition and engineering. But often, there are underlying misalignments between the teams that make it challenging to work together effectively.

When engineering and talent acquisition teams aren’t collaborating well, time gets wasted, miscommunications happen, and candidate experience suffers. 

We brought together a panel of engineering and talent acquisition leaders from Hightouch, Telus, and CoderPad to share their best practices for working in sync to meet technical hiring goals.

Key discussion points:

  • The biggest pitfalls that cause misalignment between talent and engineering teams and how to avoid them
  • How talent acquisition and engineering can successfully calibrate on quality of hire
  • Effective strategies for building trust between talent acquisition and engineering leaders
  • How to work together to strengthen your skills-based hiring approach

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Sara Ali

Engineering Recruiting


Gerardo Tobar

Sr. Team Leader | Talent Acquisition

Telus International

Vanessa Gregg

Technology Division Account General Manager

Telus International

Nathan Sutter

Global Vice President of Engineering