The Past, Present, and Future of Angular

Thursday, May 26th 2022



We’re joined by Santosh Yadav to talk about Angular. Santosh has an amazing story that I can’t wait to hear more about!

Santosh and Corbin Crutchley, our developer relations specialist, will touch on what features have recently landed in Angular, such as inject, “Standalone components”, and Typed Forms. They’ll also touch on what the future of Angular might have in store.

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Santosh Yadav

Google Developer Expert


Hello everyone, I am Santosh Yadav, I am a GDE for Angular, GitHub Star and Auth0 Ambassador and an active contributor to Angular and NgRx. I am a tech writer and host Tech Talks with Santosh. Apart from that, I am the creator of the ng deploy package, source-map-analyzer and part of NestJSAddons and ngWorker core team.