The Ins and Outs of Chakra UI

Wednesday, May 4th 2022



We’re joined by Esther Agbaje to chat about the ins and outs of the extremely popular UI component library “Chakra UI”. Here, we’ll discuss:

  • Why you need a UI library
  • Challenges in any UI library to overcome, such as accessibility
  • How Chakra UI integrates with other tools, such as NextJS
  • Nuanced differences between similar components

And more!

You won’t want to miss it – we’ll be live on our Twitch, so follow to be notified when that goes live!


Esther Agbaje

Developer Advocate

Chakra UI

I’m a Developer Advocate with an experience in managing and growing developer communities around the world by organizing community focused events, creating value-based content around a product in form of technical articles, tidbits and YouTube videos.