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CoderPad’s 2021 Highlights

Product Updates

Wow – what an exciting year 2021 was for CoderPad and our inspiring community! While we couldn’t be more energized by all that we have planned for you in 2022, let’s take a moment to reflect on the highlights of 2021. 

CoderPad lovers (like you) from across the globe used CoderPad to: 

  • Dream, create, and employ innovative live coding challenges and take-home projects 
  • Effectively and fairly evaluate tech talent 
  • Scale headcount and grow businesses with impressive new devs
  • Move the industry away from the flawed, biased, and dreaded “whiteboard” interview

Good work! While you were busy building your teams, we were busy investing in CoderPad (based on your feedback) to make our platform easier to use than ever before and also more comprehensive. Here’s our roundup of 2021’s highlights! 

  1. Acquired CodinGame to make screening tech talent simple with fully customizable, asynchronous tech assessments. Leverage the library of 3500+ coding challenges and tests for 80+ tech roles or build your own! 
  1. Reimagined the Front-End Interview by developing a powerful new editor specifically designed for front-end coding. Check out our new three-pane layout that enables you to  easily separate your pad’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
  1. Launched Approved Domains to make managing your teams easier than ever. New interviewers within your company are now one click away from running their first interview. 
  1. Enhanced developing and using Questions within a pad by adding a library of 50+ foundational Example Questions, launching a wizard to walk you through creating custom questions, and revamping the question bank to make browsing and searching for the right question a breeze! 
  1. Boosted the capabilities of our virtual whiteboard tool, Drawing Mode, so you can upload images via a url or local machine, open a drawing mode pad in a new window for full size experiences, and view drawings after the interview has been completed, including zoom and pan.

Boom! We can’t wait to work with you in this new year. 2022 is sure to be a big one!

Happy hiring,

The CoderPad Team