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Just announced! We now support spreadsheets
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CoderPad August Releases

Product Updates

Easily customize your test questions in CoderPad Screen and run improved whiteboard sessions in CoderPad Interview. Also, read on for a sneak peek at Jupyter Notebook and enhanced versions of our backend language pads. 

CoderPad Interview Updates

Enhancements to Drawing Mode

Our virtual whiteboard tool just got a complete overhaul – with a new UI, the ability to easily attach lines to shapes, copy/paste, light/dark mode, grids, and keyboard shortcuts. 

Multi-file projects for Java, Python 3, and Typescript/Javascript – Beta

You will soon have access to a more realistic, multi-file environment for several backend languages – where you and your candidate can add more files and folders, install any packages you want using the built-in shell, and run test cases separately. This update is currently in beta and will be coming your way soon.

Jupyter Notebook support – Beta

Calling all data scientists!  Interview your data candidates in CoderPad Interview using Jupyter Notebook to get a better read on candidates’ thought processes and ability to draw conclusions and communicate clearly. We’ve also upgraded our processing power to handle extensive data sets.

CoderPad Screen Updates

Revised Question Editor

It’s now easier to create simple coding exercises to tailor tests to your company’s needs. With the revised question editor, you can create a new question in a few clicks. This will first be available for language-independent exercises.

Create a test from existing questions

You can now directly create a test from a selection of questions, bypassing the traditional test creation flow. This feature proves handy if you already have a clear idea of the questions you wish to include in the test or if you want to craft a test based on your custom content. Simply access the question tab and choose the questions you want.

Adding Rust to CoderPad Screen

In the Screen IDE, you can now execute and validate code written in the Rust programming language. This enhancement empowers you to craft custom coding exercises in Rust for your tests. Additionally, for those who prefer pre-made exercises, we will be introducing some for Rust later this year.

Java 17 Now Available

We have upgraded the CoderPad Screen platform from Java 11 to Java 17. Java 17 encompasses various features, including sealed classes, pattern matching for instance of, text blocks, records, switch expressions, and more. This update enables candidates to showcase their knowledge of this version.

Cheating Flag

We’re making it easy to flag candidates you suspect of cheating. When reviewing test reports, if you suspect a candidate of cheating, you can flag them. This action will apply a label to the candidate in the list, alerting your colleagues who review the list and allowing you to filter candidates based on this flag.