Django Interview Questions for Developers

Use our engineer-created questions to interview and hire the most qualified Django developers for your organization.

Django is a Python-based back-end framework known for it’s emphasis on promoting code reusability (the Don’t Repeat Yourself principle), clear & extensive developer documentation, and ability to quickly scale.

According to the CoderPad 2023 Developer survey, Django is the 3rd most in-demand back-end framework among technical recruiters and hiring managers.

To evaluate the Django expertise of developers during coding interviews, below you’ll find hands-on coding challenges and interview questions. Additionally, we have outlined a set of suggested practices to ensure that your interview questions accurately measure the candidates’ Django skillset.

Django example question

Create a polling application

Here is a simple but realistic Django project, which allows people to vote on polls.

You have two simple tasks to perform on this project:

  • Add a database migration to populate the database with a poll of your choice.
  • Edit the source code so that people can vote for multiple options instead of just one.

Feel free to take some time to familiarize yourself with the environment before starting the assignment.

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Interview best practices for Django roles

For successful Django interviews, taking into account multiple aspects such as the applicant’s experience level and the engineering position is crucial. To guarantee that your Django interview inquiries produce optimal outcomes, we suggest adhering to the following best practices when engaging with candidates:

  • Devise technical queries that correspond with real-world business scenarios within your organization. This approach not only makes the interview more captivating for the applicant but also allows you to more effectively gauge their fit for your team.
  • Encourage the candidate to pose questions throughout the interview and cultivate a cooperative atmosphere.
  • If using Django as part of a full stack, ensure that your developers also have understanding of front-end technologies like HTML/CSS and of database knowledge, especially with the module Django ORM (object-relational mapper).

Moreover, it is essential to follow conventional interview practices when carrying out Django interviews. This encompasses tailoring the question difficulty according to the applicant’s development skill level, offering prompt feedback regarding their application status, and permitting candidates to inquire about the evaluation or collaborating with you and your team.