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Best IT Job Fairs for 2024

Getting Hired

Technology job fairs are among the best opportunities to connect and collaborate, providing an environment that brings recruiters and candidates under one roof. 

Both recruiters and candidates attend these types of events specifically for networking purposes, making them an ideal opportunity to source talent and make new connections. 

Workshops, challenges, keynote speeches, and even social events and after-parties add to the potential for building relationships. 

But with a multitude of IT-related job fairs and events taking place each year, how do you know which ones to invest your time and energy into?

Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best IT job fairs scheduled for 2024. 

Be aware that the dates quoted are for the next/upcoming event and are subject to change each year. 

How to recruit at IT events

These job fairs and conferences offer multiple opportunities to connect with potential candidates. Here are a few to pay attention to.

Career zones or expo floors

Many larger conferences feature designated areas specifically for career opportunities, commonly known as career zones or expo floors. 

Companies can set up booths to showcase their culture, projects, and open positions in these areas. It’s a more formal setup that allows you to:

  • Display marketing materials and swag
  • Collect resumes
  • Conduct on-the-spot interviews or assessments

Pitch sessions

Some IT recruitment events offer ‘pitch sessions,’ where recruiters get a small time slot to present their companies to a room full of potential candidates. 

This is a fast yet effective way to generate interest and attract talent to your booth for deeper conversations later.

Networking through sessions and workshops

You don’t have to stay glued to your booth to meet potential candidates. 

Attending breakout sessions, workshops, or panel discussions related to your industry can be an excellent way to connect more organically. 

Social events and after-parties

Many conferences host social events or after-parties, which offer a more casual setting to connect with candidates. 

South by Southwest (SXSW) even combines a tech conference with a music and film festival in a big multi-sector smash-up of fun and collaboration. And dare we say it, this can really loosen people up and get them chatting!

This is a more informal networking opportunity where you can get to know people on a personal level. 

However, remember to keep it professional – your primary aim is still to find talent that fits your organization!

Virtual networking platforms

With many conferences going hybrid or completely virtual, take advantage of these events’ networking platforms. 

From chat rooms to video calls, virtual networking allows you to connect with candidates who you might not meet otherwise. Also, it’s cheaper than attending each day of the conference or event. 


San Francisco – February 21 to 29 (dates subject to change)

DeveloperWeek is one of the largest developer conferences and expos, attracting many thousands of developers, engineers, and tech professionals each year. 

It encompasses a vast variety of events, hackathons, workshops, competitions, and a career fair focused on tech roles. 

DeveloperWeek is a buzzing meeting ground for professionals interested in all aspects of software development, from languages and frameworks to DevOps.

For candidates

DeveloperWeek is an excellent platform to broaden your skill set and network extensively within the software development community. 

With multiple companies in attendance, the potential for networking is immense. 

For recruiters

The event attracts a high-caliber talent pool, including experienced developers and ambitious newcomers. Moreover, since this is a week-long event, there are opportunities to network across a vast number of industries and sectors.

This makes DeveloperWeek an excellent opportunity for recruiters looking for a wide range of programming skills and experience levels. 

South by Southwest (SXSW) 

Austin, Texas – March 8 to 16 (dates subject to change)

South by Southwest (SXSW), perhaps best known as a music and film festival, has evolved into a vibrant, multi-disciplinary event where technology and creativity intersect. SXSW showcases everything from virtual reality and machine learning to blockchain and AI.

It’s a must-attend event if you’re interested in the broader spectrum of what the tech world has to offer – not to mention a fantastic experience!

For candidates

SXSW is an extraordinary platform for any tech professional. With many companies in attendance, networking opportunities are everywhere, especially if you stay around Austin over the duration of the conference. 

Plus, since SXSW doubles up as a music and film festival, there are tons of opportunities for meeting new people from different walks of life. Many describe it as a life-changing experience.

For recruiters

SXSW attracts a diverse cross-section of people, making it a fantastic opportunity for recruiters and those looking to network. 

If you’re seeking multidisciplinary skills or just looking to expand your recruitment horizon, this is the place to be.

Game Developers Conference (GDC)

San Francisco, California – March 18 to 22 (dates subject to change)

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is essentially the epicenter of the gaming industry, bringing together artists, developers, and programmers from around the globe. 

With a specialized job fair, coding competitions, and a slew of workshops and panels, GDC offers an all-encompassing look at current and future game development trends.

For candidates

GDC supplies a vast array of opportunities for anyone looking to enter the gaming industry. 

Whether it’s meeting recruiters or participating in challenges, competitions, and coding competitions, GDC is a wonderful place for developers to socialize and make their mark.

For recruiters

GDC attracts the crème de la crème of the gaming world. 

If you’re in the market for game developers, artists, or programmers, this is your one-stop shop for top-tier talent.

PyCon US

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 15 to 23 (dates subject to change)

PyCon US is the largest annual gathering for those who use and develop in the Python programming language. 

Python has quickly become one of the most widely used programming languages and is instrumental in burgeoning fields such as AI and data science.

While the conference is centered around Python, it’s relevant to practically anyone in the tech industry due to Python’s extensive uses.

For candidates

If you’re a Python developer or even a general tech professional interested in learning Python, PyCon US is a great place to network and find job opportunities. 

Many companies that use Python attend this conference, and there’s a job fair to connect employers with Python talent, which is in high demand. 

For recruiters

Python is used extensively in various fields, from web development to data science and artificial intelligence. 

PyCon US is an ideal setting to find specialized Python developers and other professionals who are well-versed in this versatile language.

AI Expo

Santa Clara, California – June 5 to 6 (dates subject to change)

Another massive conference in Texas, AI Expo focuses on artificial intelligence and its various applications across tech and wider society. The event includes exhibitions, keynote speakers from top tech leaders, and panel discussions featuring leading experts in AI. 

A significant portion of the event is also dedicated to job opportunities within the burgeoning field of AI, and a special focus will likely be placed on generative AI tools like large language models (LLMs).

For candidates

If you specialize in AI or machine learning, the AI Expo is an invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and discover job openings in this rapidly advancing field.

For recruiters

The specialization of AI Expo makes it an ideal place to find candidates with expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data engineering, and data science. 

Companies looking to strengthen their AI capabilities will find a concentrated pool of potential hires here.

Black Hat USA

Las Vegas, Nevada – August 3 to 8 (dates subject to change)

Black Hat USA is a specialized event that caters exclusively to the cybersecurity community. 

The conference primarily focuses on understanding the current digital threat landscape, delving into the latest in vulnerability research, and sharing state-of-the-art cyber security protection and mitigation strategies. 

Alongside these technical sessions, Black Hat USA also incorporates a ‘career zone’ that serves as a recruiting ground for companies in the security sector.

For candidates

If you specialize in cybersecurity and hacking/hacktivism, Black Hat USA is more than just a learning opportunity – it’s a job market tailored to your expertise.

For recruiters:

Finding budding and experienced cybersecurity professionals can be challenging.

Black Hat USA is excellent for locating a focused pool of candidates deeply engaged with the latest cybersecurity technology and strategies.

Grace Hopper Celebration

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – October 8 to 11 (dates subject to change)

The Grace Hopper Celebration is the world’s largest gathering of women involved in the computing and technology sectors. 

This eclectic event promotes diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry. 

With an array of keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions, this is an inspirational place for women looking to advance their tech careers.

For candidates

If you’re a woman in tech, the Grace Hopper Celebration offers job opportunities and mentorship programs, making it a comprehensive platform for career growth. 

For recruiters

The Grace Hopper Celebration is a unique opportunity to access a talent pool that is both highly skilled and diverse. 

Companies looking to diversify their teams will find this event particularly beneficial.

All Things Open

Raleigh, North Carolina – October 27 to 29 (dates subject to change)

All Things Open is an annual conference focused on open-source, open tech, and the open web. 

Hosted in Raleigh, North Carolina, it brings together a diverse group of IT professionals, developers, and decision-makers to discuss the latest trends and best practices in open-source technology.

For candidates

All Things Open is perfect for professionals looking to engage with the open-source community, which lately includes building open-source AI tools. 

Whether you’re a developer or someone interested in open tech, this event offers ample networking opportunities.

For recruiters

All Things Open is the place to be if you’re seeking candidates with a strong background or interest in open-source technology.

The attendees range from seasoned experts to enthusiastic newcomers who are all committed to the open-source culture.

TechCrunch Disrupt

San Francisco, California – October 28 to 30 (dates subject to change)

TechCrunch Disrupt is a dynamic event that has gained recognition as a hotspot for tech innovation. 

While it initially gained fame as a startup conference, Disrupt has evolved into a comprehensive platform where tech companies, investors, and job seekers congregate. 

The diverse event features a variety of panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities that cover everything from venture capital to emerging technologies like generative AI and blockchain.

For candidates

Attending TechCrunch Disrupt can be a career-defining experience. The networking opportunities are invaluable, and it’s a chance to get exposed to the latest trends in the tech industry.

For recruiters

Don’t overlook TechCrunch Disrupt as merely a startup hub. It’s an excellent opportunity to network with developer talent at all levels. 

Local Meetups and Hackathons

Local meetups and hackathons are more grassroots in nature, often organized by local communities or companies looking to scout for talent outside of major conferences. 

You’ll find plenty of these in major cities such as San Francisco. 

These events are excellent for local talent and those with specialized skills, offering an intimate platform for networking.

For candidates

Local meetups and hackathons are great for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to job hunting. 

They allow candidates to demonstrate their skills and offer excellent opportunities for one-on-one networking.

For recruiters

These smaller, more specialized events are excellent for finding candidates with niche skill sets. 

The intimate setting is excellent for establishing more meaningful interactions, making identifying candidates who would be a good fit for your organization more comfortable than some super-busy conferences.

Campus recruiting events

Campus recruiting events are typically organized by major universities, particularly those with strong engineering or computer science departments. 

These events are usually comprehensive job fairs featuring an array of companies from various industries, but there is often a strong representation from the tech sector. 

You’ll find career fairs and recruitment events at universities like Berkeley, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon. 

Get yourself out there!

The greatest thing about conferences and expos is that almost everyone is there to network, meet people, and get involved. 

They’re full of like-minded techaholics, enthusiasts, and those involved in the country’s thriving tech sector. 

Yes, there are so many to choose from, and some are fairly expensive to attend, but once you visit your first tech conference, it might lead to another!