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CoderPad Reloaded

Announcements , Product Updates

We’re thrilled to launch the latest version of our CoderPad Live interviews! Frameworks launches this week with five of the most popular front-end frameworks:

  • React 
  • Angular 
  • Svelte 
  • Vue 

This is an important step in the evolution of technical interviews. We see interviewing as an authentic evaluation of the skills someone actually needs to thrive in the job. Frameworks make it even easier to achieve this. 

We believe technical interviews should be both collaborative and realistic. A good interview experience empowers candidates to show off their day-to-day skills and also to discover what it’s like to work at your company. 

Go Beyond the Algo

Over the years, interviewers and candidates alike have asked us to keep making technical interviews more realistic:

  • Interviewers want to be able to ask “real work questions” instead of the proxy questions they end up asking because they feel limited by the tools they have.
  • Candidates prefer to answer “real work questions” rather than wasting time studying algorithms they don’t actually use. What developer wants to crack open a CS textbook or spend hours grinding through leetcode so they can prepare for interview questions about concepts they haven’t needed to think about in years?
  • Both interviewers and candidates want to use an environment that is just like the tools they use every day – with a VS code based editor and a multifile environment. We’ve provided it.

All of this needs to happen within the confines of a 45-60 minute live interview. So we’ve made sure to achieve this realism while keeping CoderPad simple and easy to use.

Let Your Candidates’ Skills Shine

Our new interview experience, based on VS Code, puts candidates and interviewers in a familiar, realistic development environment where they can run a full-fledged application and use that as the basis for an interview. 

You can build realistic interview questions that truly reflect the types of projects you work on. Frameworks allows you to ask relevant questions that reflect your stack or codebase. We added the ability to `npm install` packages to enable you to recreate your team’s development environment. This realism makes it easy to narrow down on identifying the right skill set for the job. 

Interviews are also an opportunity to sell your company and show off your technologies. This launch lets you customize your environment and tailor your questions to SHOW candidates what it would be like to work at your company. You’ll increase your chance of landing that ideal candidate by providing an excellent interview experience with interesting, realistic problems.

Frameworks at a Glance

With this launch, we have included all the tools you need to run your interview. 

Five front-end frameworks: React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, and HTML/CSS/JS

CoderPad supports multi-file framework environments like React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, and HTML/CSS

Multi-file support with a filetree

Shell where you can npm install packages in a Live Pad

Console where you can view project console output, similar to the browser console.

Logs to view server startup process, state, and any errors from the app server.

Multi-track playback

To get started: create a Pad, add a Front-End framework as a starting point, add/modify files to build your own app, and then “Save as question” to use that Pad as a question in your interviews.

What’s Next?

We’re not done yet! In the coming months we’ll extend our support to your favorite back-end frameworks to provide an even more realistic interview experience for backend or fullstack interviews.

Can’t wait to play with Frameworks?

Check it out in our Sandbox now!