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CoderPad Now Supports Solidity!

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Smart contract hiring managers rejoice! You now can run live interviews and offer take-home tests in Solidity.

Solidity is a popular object-oriented language used for creating smart contracts that run on Ethereum. With the growing demand for Web3 and blockchain technology, we’re super excited about adding Solidity to the CoderPad environment.

You can try it out in the CoderPad environment by selecting Solidity from the language dropdown:

Solidity option shown in the coderpad language selection menu.

It is compiled using the Solidity compiler when it’s time to execute your contract. We run the contract through the following command:

solc contract.sol --abi

Our new Monaco IDE comes with Solidity support–meaning things like syntax highlighting, snippets, and code completion are all available.

All users can now run live interviews in Solidity from your CoderPad account. You can also test it out in our sandbox: