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Take-Home Projects

Take-home projects are independent coding exercises with optional automated test case scoring. This feature allows you to set up a technical question in a coding environment and then send a link to each candidate to complete on their own time.

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Find Quality Talent–Faster

Asynchronous candidate work submitted via take-home projects enables you to quickly and effectively evaluate a candidate’s code – in less time than a live interview. That way, you can move quality candidates through the hiring funnel faster and rescue developer/interviewer fatigue.

  • One unique link per candidate
  • Automated test cases (optional)
  • Submission includes final code output, test case results (optional), and playback of candidate’s work session

Candidate-Centered Experience

Some of the best developers simply need a good replication of a work environment and take-home projects give candidates another way to show off their skills. CoderPad’s familiar environment allows you and your candidates to code freely and naturally – with the features you expect to have in your IDE.

  • Completed on candidate’s own time
  • Ability to set time limits
  • Better replication of real world job experience

Cast a Wide Net and Focus on Strong Candidates

CoderPad public take-home projects let you create a single URL that will load a specific question – add this to your Career page, University Recruiting campaign or even send it to a batch of screened candidates.

  • Public-facing URL generates a unique submission per candidate
  • Automated test case scoring
  • Efficiently narrow top-of-funnel while casting a much wider sourcing net

Consistent Assessment of Skills with Test Cases

With test cases, you can establish a consistent, fair evaluation process for every candidate – ensuring that they each receive a level playing field and objectively meet job criteria.

  • Compare each candidate against a standard baseline
  • Use invisible test cases to reveal if all possible outputs were addressed without prompting
  • Allow candidates to better understand the desired solution
  • Evaluate each candidate efficiently