Developer-Friendly Technical Assessments

With CodinGame Assessment, hire developers based on their skills – not their resumes. Screen candidates at scale and evaluate their coding skills early in the hiring process through fully customizable assessments.

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CodinGame Test Wizard for Assessment Campaign

Test Wizard & Random Questions

Use our prebuilt online coding tests to set up an assessment campaign perfectly suited to your needs. Each assessment takes no more than 5 clicks to create – and does not require any programming experience.

  • Choose from 80+ predefined job roles and seniority levels
  • Discover 3,500+ coding challenges
  • Access 60+ technologies and frameworks
  • Get help balancing your campaign difficulty level
CodinGame Assessment Report showing proficiency in Java and SQL

Assessment Reports

Once your candidate has completed a technical assessment, a report is generated that is both easy to use and to understand – empowering non-technical recruiters. Candidates are automatically ranked and benchmarked according to their performance, producing a secure and ready-to-go shortlist.

  • Automated rankings
  • Global benchmark scoring
  • Cheating protection
  • Test report exports
CodinGame test case evaluation for Java programming language

Gamified Test Sessions

CodinGame transforms the technical assessment experience through specifically-designed programming games. Invite your candidates to showcase their creative thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun way, while boosting their engagement and reducing their stress.

  • Reduce test anxiety
  • Provide outstanding candidate experience
  • Measure creativity and strategic thinking
  • Best-in-class candidate experience inspired by our
    community of 2mil+ developers
CodinGame comparing scores of candidates across different programming languages like Java and JavaScript

Features to Reduce Bias

We know that unconscious biases exist in the technical recruitment process. Proactively addressing these biases results in a more level playing field for candidates – and better hiring results for you. CodinGame enables you to make your process more fair and reliable through:

  • Candidate anonymization
  • Language independent coding exercises
  • Comparative score
  • Question libraries available in English, Spanish and French