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The Fastest Way to Create a Pad?

Product Updates

You can now save yourself several clicks by instantly creating a blank pad in a new browser window. Just type in and you’ll go straight to our sandbox. 

And if you need a code sandbox to play around and test some ideas in a compiled programming language right in your browser, we have shortcuts for those too: 

These shortcuts are great for quickly prototyping since the alternative is often a tedious and convoluted local setup environment. No need for compiler flags here–it’s code-and-run right from the bat. 

Of course, if you’re pre-scheduling interviews, starting from your dashboard is still the route lots of folks prefer. But this shortcut makes for a quick and easy way to jump into a live interview when needed. 

Where did the .new domains come from? Google. They keep a list of all the .new domains and what they create that you can check out here