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CoderPad September Releases

Product Updates

Discover how you can run your data science interviews with Jupyter Notebook, conduct more realistic interviews with multi-file projects, and benefit from AI-generated follow-up questions.

CoderPad Interview Updates

Jupyter Notebooks for data science interviews

Jupyter Notebooks (Minimal, R, TensorFlow, SciPy) are now available in the pad environment! Run awesome, on-the-job data science interviews using:

  • Ability to increase processing power to handle large data sets
  • A fully-functional Jupyter Notebook environment
  • Ability to import and utilize any package or library
  • Plot data and run individual cells in the notebook
  • Access to the server, shell and console

Multi-file projects for Java, Python 3, and Typescript/Javascript – Open Beta

CoderPad multi-file projects offer a highly realistic and flexible environment, where you can add more files, write and run unit tests, install packages from the shell, and more.

Typescript/Javascript, Python 3 and Java are now available, with more languages coming in early October. Multi-file projects are currently in open beta. Get started by selecting a multi-file project from the languages menu in a pad or sandbox, or create a new question from the dashboard.

CoderPad Screen Updates

Dynamically saving code edits

When a candidate updates code in the Screen code editor, they are now saved automatically. Code can also be saved manually by using CTRL+S keystrokes.

Follow-up questions for cheating prevention – Beta

Are you concerned that candidates will paste code from ChatGPT and give an inaccurate view of their coding skills?

While many developers use these tools to be more efficient, the problem is when people blindly copy and paste code they don’t truly understand.

CoderPad Screen is introducing a feature to address this issue. You’ll have the option to activate AI-generated follow-up questions for coding exercises, based on the specific code the candidate provides. This will give insight into whether the candidate truly understands the code. If you’d like exclusive early access as a beta tester (in return for feedback), share your email address here or respond to this email.

Custom question page design update

The custom questions page now has the same design and features as the general question bank page. This will make it easy to create a test directly from your created content.