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Inside Perspective on CoderPad: A Year in Review (and What a Year It Was)

Product Updates

To borrow liberally from the Grateful Dead: what a long strange trip 2020’s been.

Strange though it was, it’s good to take a look back on an unsettling year, personally and professionally, and take stock of how we did. As a CEO, I feel remarkably fortunate to report that CoderPad weathered the tumult of the pandemic year very well.

In fact, we grew — a lot.

We grew because what we offer — an intuitive way to accurately evaluate technical hires — lent itself well to both hybrid and fully remote work environments. We grew because of the incredible (and ongoing) work our team did and continues to do. We grew because the features we added and refined — from a new take-home projects product to a Focus Time feature that helps candidates showcase their real skills without pressure — helped hiring teams conduct more unbiased interviews in a market that needs it more than ever. 

I am really proud of the incredible growth stats that resulted from this work:

  • A 90 percent increase in corporations trying CoderPad
  • 100 percent increase in new enterprise customer revenue
  • 60 percent increase in use/pads created by nearly 2000 customers

In short, we got more people to try us; when customers tried us, they liked us and purchased; they used the product regularly; and they stuck around to do more hiring.

All of that is great — but what the numbers and the conclusions really add up to is what keeps us going. We helped more people get hired in one of the roughest years on record. And we supported remote hiring as it almost instantly became the de facto standard for employers. We know that as one company, we are a supporting player in the hiring ecosystem. But we feel good that — at a time of substantial un- and under-employment — our technology helped put people in jobs that use their talents and pay them well.

We also grew our commitment to anti-racism work. We became an early customer of YearOne, a Black-owned start-up and TechStars KC accelerator member that provides access to a rich source of vetted, diverse software developers from coding academies all across the U.S. In the fourth quarter, we completed the hiring goals we’d established in Q3 and successfully onboarded a brand-new and amazing technical hire! As we turn our focus to the coming months, we’re setting goals on anti-racism work now as a team and will continue to share more as part of our updates.

In 2021, we’re expecting to continue our trajectory by keeping it simple: helping our customers use technology to find, evaluate and hire great people. And we’ll use that work to continue to drive good back into the tech ecosystem.