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Thinking About Joining Us? Great! Read This.

Getting Hired

Note from the CEO


I’m glad you’re here – thanks for checking out careers at CoderPad! In the spirit of sharing some useful context and because you’ll find I believe in transparency most of all, let me tell you why I joined this small but mighty company over some of Big Tech’s biggest brand names.

We’re on the right side of macro trends. Plus, whiteboard interviews suck.

Dev hiring is a huge macro trend. As Marc Andreessen famously said, software is eating the world. From Fortune 500 enterprise companies to smaller start-ups, more devs are being recruited and hired than ever before. And how do you separate the good from the bad? You give them a pen and a whiteboard. Srsly? If you’ve been through a whiteboard interview, you know it doesn’t really give anyone an authentic picture of the real you and what your capabilities are.

That’s where we come in with a tool that improves that process substantially — making it faster and easier to find great talent you want to work with. And it turns out that it works really well, especially remotely. We’ve always seen our remote use case as relevant — what customer doesn’t want to save time on hiring? — but today it’s obviously more than that. CoderPad is necessary. Just ask Facebook, Lyft, Twitch, Airbnb, and others.

CoderPad is profitable.

We’re more than a great idea and some capital to burn. We’re the dream come true, the real deal: great revenue growth rates, customer and usage growth, and profitability that’s all driven by a product customers adore. There are companies that have been around for over a decade that can’t say the same. One deep-pocketed investor with a clear passion for high-growth tech investing and an eye for amazing products (hello, Uber, Philz, Brooklinen and Tiny Prints!) gives us some strong connections in the market — and a ton of room and independence to do our own thing. It feels good that our profitability means we’re not at the mercy and whims of new investors and markets. It feels free — kind of like we get to do what we’re all here to do, which is what it should be about!

You will have a meaningful seat at the table.

We’re a small team and we have ownership in our business. This isn’t a team you join to coast and it’s not one where what you do ultimately won’t matter. We row this boat together. We stay small cause we want to stay small and do the work that really matters. For devs, by devs. Always.

And because we treat employees as owners, we welcome the hard questions from the get go. Please ask us the tough stuff:

  • What’s our strategy? Why will we win?
  • What are our levers for growth?
  • How are we growing profitably? Why is that better?
  • What is CoderPad’s funding strategy and how will it drive value for me?
  • Are leaders here good stewards of capital? How?

You get the picture. Ask away. We want you to. Curiosity is in our DNA.

CoderPad is a place where you can know every single person in the business, make substantive contributions from the get go, feel confident we’re doing our level best to grow the value of your options, and serve a very real and growing market need with a strong product that customers really want.

As we continue to invest in this business with our time and energy, driving even greater growth with a product users love, consider joining us. We’d love to have you.