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Scheduling Interviews Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With CoderPad’s Google Chrome Extension


Scheduling interviews through CoderPad just got loads easier. With our Google Chrome Calendar extension, you can now create and link to pads directly in Google Calendar or directly in your browser toolbar.

We added this feature to help make the CoderPad scheduling process much smoother:

  • You now don’t need to be within the CoderPad UI to create and send pads.
  • If you’re already using Google Calendar to schedule technical interviews, you can now add CoderPad links without leaving the calendar invite.
  • You can use the Chrome extension to create pads on the fly within your existing browser-based work flows.

The extension is easy to install, you can download it for free from the Chrome Web Store here.

You can find the documentation on how to set up and use the extension here.