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Faster, Better, and More Fair: How CoderPad and CodinGame Will Change Technical Hiring Together


Not that long ago, technical hiring was mostly the purview of technical companies: the Googles, Facebooks and Microsofts of the world.

That’s no longer true.

Today every company is a technical company because the skills that transform businesses, and even entire industries and sectors, are technical ones. In fact, the top five most in-demand technical skills for 2022 are (in order): artificial intelligence, IoT technology, machine learning, data science, and mobile app development.

With nearly every company now a potential employer for technical talent, the most outstanding candidates have no shortage of options, making competition for them the fiercest it’s ever been. The pressure is on to source the best talent faster and more fairly — in a way that leaves a positive and accurate impression with candidates — so companies can staff critical roles at speed and scale. With 40 percent of workers globally thinking of quitting their jobs, employers will need to bring maximum speed and agility to backfill teams and staff up new roles.

That gets much, much easier today.

We’re CoderPad, the leading technical candidate interview platform for equitable hiring. We make it simple and convenient to assess candidates’ technical skills — in a fair, apples-to-apples way that’s also highly faithful to what they’d actually encounter on the job — from take-home projects to live paired programming interviews. And we’re thrilled to share that we’ve joined forces with CodinGame, a powerhouse that helps screen quality candidates at scale plus deliver candidate and employee engagement mechanisms like Coding Escape and contests via its 2M+ developer community.

Together we’re going to make it simple for the world’s most innovative companies to evaluate and hire amazing technical talent in an unprecedented way. Pedigrees have had their day — who you know, elite company logos, and Ivy League university backgrounds aren’t the only predictors for success in a role (far from it, in fact!). It’s time for developers to be hired in an unbiased and fairer way — based primarily on what you can do and the skills you bring to the table.

As our customers gear up for university recruiting, look to spend the last of their budgets for hiring this year, and begin their hiring needs assessments for 2022, we’re tremendously proud to offer them all they need from one trusted partner.

And on a personal note, we couldn’t be more excited to combine with an outstanding team in CodinGame, whose values, creativity, and commitment to helping good people and good companies find each other are equal to our own.

We’re immensely excited to grow together.