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CoderPad’s Commitment to Anti-Racism


At CoderPad, we’re a little team with a big desire to make a difference and do better. We believe our actions are more impactful than words. Today, we stand with African Americans and those across the nation commemorating Freedom Day, also known as Juneteenth. We commit to being partners and allies in showing meaningful support to Black Lives Matter and the end of systemic racism.

So, here’s what we’re doing right now to start, as a small but mighty team of eleven:

  • We will be closing our offices in observance of Juneteenth and using it as an in-service day. Each of us will spend some time today researching and reflecting through what we can do at every level, personally and professionally, that aligns and supports this work.
  • Breaking our team into subgroups to help us consider our anti-racism work through different lenses – our culture, our processes, our product, etc. Their ideas will help us determine our next steps forward.
  • Selecting a quarterly initiative that can help reduce racism and increase equity within our communities
  • Engaging on a quarterly basis with allyship and anti-racist workshops and training resources
  • Measuring our progress on a quarterly basis with a readily available report on our inclusion and anti-racism efforts. Measurement drives accountability. And we are committed to being accountable.

We believe that small choices and efforts, executed consistently and patiently over time, can add up to big change. If all of us did what we could in our own spheres of influence, we would move mountains. Ending racism is the work of a lifetime, and now more than ever, we’re committed to doing our part to make the world better for everyone.