Vue Interview Questions for Developers

Use our engineer-created questions to interview and hire the most qualified Vue developers for your organization.

Known among developers for its extremely low learning curve and flexibility, Vue continues to attract users to its component-based architecture, reactive data binding, and robust ecosystem.

According to the CoderPad 2023 Developer survey, Vue is the third most in-demand front-end framework among technical recruiters.

Outlined below are hands-on coding tasks and interview inquiries designed to assess developers’ proficiency in Vue during technical interviews. Furthermore, a compilation of best practices is provided to guarantee that your interview questions accurately measure the Vue abilities of your candidates.

Vue example question

Create a reusable input component

Complete the simple input component implemented in components/BaseInput.vue to make this page work. Your goals:

  • Implement two-way data binding so the BaseInput.vue can be used for entering data by using the v-model directive.
  • Conditionally render the value that has been entered into the input when it is not empty.

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Best interview practices for Vue roles

Interview experiences for Vue candidates can vary greatly depending on factors like the specific engineering position and the applicant’s level of expertise. To optimize the efficacy of your Vue interview questions, we recommend adhering to these best practices when interacting with your candidates:

  • Frame technical questions around real-world situations within your organization – this not only makes the interview more engaging for the applicant but also better illustrates the suitability of their skills for your team.
  • Encourage a cooperative atmosphere by welcoming the candidate to ask questions during the exercise.
  • In the case of evaluating Vue for a full-stack role, ensure that candidates understand how to incorporate the front-end features and requirements in the rest of the stack.

Furthermore, it’s vital to adhere to standard interview guidelines while conducting Vue interviews – tailor the difficulty of interview questions to the applicant’s development skill level, offer prompt feedback about their status in the recruitment process, and set aside ample time for candidates to ask about the assessment or the experience of collaborating with you and your team.