Angular Interview Questions for Developers

Use our engineer-created questions to interview and hire the most qualified Angular developers for your organization.

The Google-developed Angular consistently ranks as a top front-end framework due to its built-in TypeScript support, two-way data binding, and powerful CLI.

According to the CoderPad 2023 Developer survey, Angular 2+ is the second-most in-demand front-end framework among technical recruiters.

The following sections offer a collection of pragmatic coding tasks and interview inquiries designed to assess a developer’s proficiency in Angular during coding interviews.

Furthermore, a compilation of recommended practices is incorporated to guarantee the accurate measurement of candidates’ Angular expertise through your interview questions.

Angular example question

Angular directives project

You have two tasks to perform on this simple Angular project:

  • Create a method in src/directives/textchange.directive.ts to add an element to the DOM whose text is a random number.
  • Create a method in src/directives/basiccol.directive.ts to create a box beneath that becomes visible upon generating a random number. There should be a color change when the box is hovered over.

Hint: the Renderer2 class is Angular’s most recommended method for manipulating the DOM. Ensure to use it while creating your functions.

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Best interview practices for Angular roles

The Angular interview experience can vary greatly depending on factors such as the particular engineering role and the candidate’s level of expertise. To optimize the efficacy of your Angular interview questions, we recommend adhering to these best practices when interacting with your candidates:

  • Formulate technical questions that pertain to real-life situations within your organization – this method is not only more captivating for the candidate but also more effectively showcases the alignment of their skills with your team.
  • Cultivate a cooperative atmosphere by encouraging the candidate to ask questions throughout the exercise.
  • If you’re evaluating Angular as part of a full-stack role, ensure that candidates are familiar with integrating the front end specificities in the rest of the stack.

Additionally, it is vital to observe standard interview procedures when conducting Angular interviews – tailor the difficulty of interview questions based on the candidate’s development skill level, offer prompt feedback about their position in the hiring process, and set aside ample time for candidates to ask questions about the assessment or the experience of collaborating with you and your team.