Draw diagrams and flows using CoderPad Interview's digital whiteboard drawing tools.

Digital whiteboard

Easily add depth to interviews with our virtual whiteboard feature available directly in pad. Sketch, diagram, upload images, all without leaving the interview window.

Enjoy a user-friendly experience

No one wants a steep learning curve—especially during an interview. Our digital whiteboard, Drawing Mode, is a simple, easy-to-use tool to visualize your interview.

  • Access directly within the live interview pad for a streamlined experience.
  • Content is synchronized in real-time for a fluid, interactive experience.
  • Open, resize or close the window as it suits you – with no effect on anyone else.

Collaborate with your candidate

Sketch together in real time to better understand your candidate’s thought process and replicate in-person collaboration.

  • Draw data structures or sketch out the architecture of a web app.
  • Break down coding challenges and sketch ideas in an interactive environment.
  • Do a code walkthrough to understand a candidate’s reasoning.
Diagram of user flow within the CoderPad Interview environment

Illustrate a discussion

Boost your interviews with visual prompts, saving time and creating a dynamic and realistic experience that will engage your interviewees.

  • Display charts or reference materials to guide a technical discussion.
  • Share a workflow to explore candidates’ thoughts on optimization.
  • Display a UI mockup for inspiration to see how candidates work off a design.