Digital whiteboard

Easily add depth to interviews with our virtual whiteboard feature available directly in pad. Sketch, diagram, upload images, all without leaving the interview window.

  • Available in pad
  • Collaborative
  • Real-time sync
  • Easy diagrams
  • Image upload
  • Save visual questions

Collaborate with your candidate

Sketch together in real time to better understand your candidate’s thought process.

  • Draw data structures or sketch out the architecture of a web app.
  • An interactive environment to break down coding challenges.
  • Do a code walkthrough to understand a candidate’s reasoning.

Illustrate a discussion

Use visual prompts for a dynamic, realistic, and engaging interview experience.

  • Add starter images to questions you create for an enhanced experience.
  • Share a workflow to explore candidates’ thoughts on optimization.
  • Display a UI mockup for inspiration to see how candidates work off a design.

Enjoy a user-friendly experience

No one wants a steep learning curve—especially during an interview.

  • Direct in-pad access during the live interview for a seamless experience.
  • Synchronized in real-time for a fluid, interactive experience.
  • Individual controls to open, resize or close the window just on your side.