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Everything You Need to Conduct Effective (and Enjoyable) Interviews

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Exceptional Candidate Experience

CoderPad is a simple, real coding environment. Our platform runs any kind of code in a single click. Candidates can showcase their abilities in a natural environment and see the execution results exactly as you’d see them on your own machine.

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Support For 30+ Languages

We only add language support when we’re sure we can do a great job. That means our language runtimes for C/C++, Javascript, Java, Ruby, Python (and many more) are top notch.

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Set Up and Customize a Question Bank

We give you the ability to create your own questions or use one of our Example Questions, either as-is or customized. Set up your live interview questions and instructions in the library ahead of time for 1-click drop-and-go during a session. Build out custom take-Home questions with multiple steps and test cases. Share these with your team, and configure defaults like language, custom files to attach and more.

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Customize your environments with files and databases

CoderPad allows you to upload custom files to use alongside your questions and interviews. Typical use cases include data sets for analysis, log files to aid in debugging exercises, or even image manipulation.

CoderPad also lets you upload custom database environments for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Your candidates can show off their SQL skills by writing complex queries against your datasets.

Top-Notch Collaboration

No need to coordinate a separate phone call or Skype session. One click opens a video call within the CoderPad browser window for quick and easy communication and collaboration.

You can use Drawing Mode to draw out a system or describe an architecture as easily as grabbing a pen and heading to the whiteboard.

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Simple Sharing and Feedback

Have a hiring committee? CoderPad records every interview (including code execution output) so you can review code as it was written, user-by-user and keystroke-by-keystroke. Interviewers can also take notes or save snippets of code in a private tab for post-interview review with your team.

For Take-Homes, CoderPad allows you to set a time limit for each session and add test cases so you can quickly playback the code and evaluate test output so your team can review candidates more efficiently.

Customizations Designed by Developers

Code autocompletion and error checking for our most popular languages provides an IDE-like experience. Plus you can tweak tab width, auto-bracket insertion, and more. We make sure that Vim and Emacs users can type away in comfort. And for languages that support running a REPL, you can easily view and further test your output.

Fast Set Up, Scale Easily

Single sign-on, team management, compliance, security, and privacy controls. Spend less time on your set-up or customize it fully using our API. We also offer integrations with some best-in-class applicant tracking and scheduling tools.