On-Demand Webinar

Unlocking Efficiency in Tech Recruitment: Doing More With Less



Are you facing the challenge of doing more with less in your tech hiring process? As budgets tighten and Talent Acquisition teams become leaner, it’s crucial to optimize your recruitment strategies without compromising on quality of hire.

Our expert panelists share actionable techniques to help you make the best hires quickly, even with limited resources. Discover how to unlock efficiency, streamline your processes, and maximize productivity in tech recruitment.

Walk away with: 

  • Real-life examples of what a “standardized” recruitment process looks like
  • Experts’ take on what TA teams should prioritize or deprioritize in today’s market
  • The very first things you should automate to save time
  • The most impactful thing you can do today for candidate experience
  • Top tools for gaining efficiency in technical hiring

This webinar is tailored for tech TA leaders navigating the current landscape of leaner budgets and reduced teams.


Ahryun Moon

Co-Founder & Head of Company Strategy


Jenny Jongejan

Senior Recruiting Consultant

Amanda Richardson

CEO & Head of People