On-Demand Webinar

Why Gender Bias is Still a Struggle in Tech Recruitment and What You Can Do About It



Gender bias and diversity discussions might not be getting as much air time as other “buzzworthy” topics like ChatGPT. 

And yet: 

Yes, gender diversity in tech still needs your attention.  

Part of the reason that women are underrepresented in tech roles, is flawed hiring processes.

In this webinar, we’ll unpack the ongoing challenge of gender bias in tech recruitment. We’ll take a look at progress made and highlight actionable strategies for promoting gender diversity at every stage of the hiring journey.

What will that look like? Our expert panel will: 

  • Identify where in the hiring process gender bias has the most detrimental impact
  • Take a look at where progress has been made
  • Talk about how current hiring trends are impacting diversity efforts
  • Frame the prerequisites and list tactics for addressing gender bias
  • Share tools and resources for inclusive hiring


Jason Buchanan

Director of Engineering


Anvisha Pai

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer


Clinton Kelly

Principal Consultant