Future-Ready Workforce Summit: Optimizing Employee Recruitment and Growth in Software & Technology

Tuesday, March 26th 2024


Boston, MA


This in-person dinner workshop is designed as an interactive and engaging session for senior talent acquisition and management leaders in the Software & Technology industry.

It starts early in the evening with a networking happy hour, providing attendees an opportunity to connect with industry peers. The workshop itself includes a series of expert-led discussions and collaborative activities focused on key themes like recruiting hard-to-find technical talent, enhancing employee satisfaction and development, and strategic talent management post-hire.

Participants will explore methods to leverage internal skills for retaining top performers, efficiently sourcing talent, and creating effective career development paths. The session aims to equip attendees with practical strategies and insights to scale their workforce and prepare for future demands, all in a comfortable and conducive setting that fosters learning and professional growth.

Join Brian Fink as he facilitates deep conversations about:

  1. Finding and Recruiting Hard-to-Find Technical Talent: Strategies to maximize efficiency and profitability in finding and delivering top talent.
  2. Balancing Employee Development and Satisfaction: Techniques for nurturing employee growth while maintaining high productivity levels.
  3. Retaining and Redeploying Top Performers: Insights on how to identify key performers and effectively redeploy them at the end of contracts to retain valuable skills and experience.
  4. Talent Sourcing from Internal Pools: Best practices for leveraging existing talent within the organization and re-engaging previous high-potential candidates for new roles.
  5. Career Path Development: Methods to identify and create tailored career paths for employees, aligning their skill development with organizational goals.
  6. Preparing for Future Work Pipelines: Forward-looking strategies to position the organization for success in upcoming projects and industry shifts.


Brian Fink

Brian Fink is a highly experienced talent acquisition leader specializing in recruitment tooling, Boolean strings, natural language search, and innovative sourcing. He currently leads technology recruiting at McAfee and is also author of best-selling book, “Talk Tech To Me: The Non-Technical Guide to Technology Recruiting.


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