On-Demand Webinar

What Developers Hate Most About the Hiring Process & What Recruiters Should Do Instead



Do you ever wonder what candidates are saying behind your back? What do developer candidates really think of you, as a potential employer?

Join our panel of experienced recruiters and developers as they pick apart the technical hiring process, highlight what programmers dislike the most, and offer effective solutions to improve candidate experience.

Recruiters will walk away with:

  1. Insight into what developers value most in the hiring process (real-life examples and developer “horror stories”)
  2. An action plan to streamline your recruitment process
  3. Expert advice on how to effectively engage tech candidates during the hiring process
  4. Recommendations on tools and technologies to make your tech hiring more developer-friendly

This webinar is perfect for tech TA leaders wanting to attract top tech talent and build a hiring process that developers will love.

Prefer a written resource? Check out this article on what developers love and hate about the hiring process.


Louis Coulon



Gerardo Tobar

Sr. Team Leader | Talent Acquisition

Telus International

Pablo Portillo

Google Cloud Specialist

Telus International

Ricardo Tovar

Software Engineer

Previously worked at McGraw Hill