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What is Prompt Engineering?


Introducing AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard helps increase the efficiency of tasks such as data generation, code generation and completion, text summarization, etc. How were these AI tools trained to answer almost every question you ask them? The answer, prompt engineering, is discussed in this blog post.

College Graduates, Good Advice for a Bad Job Market

Getting Hired

Can you get a job in tech right now? The stats don’t feel great: one recent Time article notes that there’s one job opening for every two applicants on LinkedIn, job seekers are sending out 40 percent more applications than they did a year ago, and candidates from underrepresented groups are 25 percent more likely […]

Hire Python Developers: the 2023 Guide 

Hiring Developers

As the third most in-demand programming language, Python is great for building scalable, secured, and feature-rich applications. It makes sense that big companies like Google, Netflix, and Reddit are relying massively on pools of Python developers.  In this competitive environment, how do you find the right fit for your Python development needs?  As tech screening […]