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How To Build A Web Application with TypeScript and Remix


Remix is a full-stack web framework that focuses on the user interface and works backwards through web standards to provide a quick, slick, and dependable user experience. Learn how to build a full-stack web application with Typescript and the Remix framework in this article.

A Guide to CSS Flexbox


With the advancement of the web and technology, you can now use CSS flexbox to organize your page layout and style your containers. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the CSS Flexbox layout system, including the flexbox layout axis and its properties, justifying and aligning flex items, adding gaps and ordering these elements, and much more.

Testing in Python: Types of Tests and How to Write Them


Manually testing every change doesn’t scale to a massive API. Automating your tests improves the scale of testing your application and allows you to verify your API’s functionality faster. Learn what testing is, the type of tests, and how to write them in Python.

A Guide To Database Unit Testing with Pytest and SQLAlchemy


Testing is a decisive phase in your systems development lifecycle. This is an important step to make your software reliable and maintainable in the future. In this tutorial, you will have a practical guide to unit testing your database with pytest, one type of software testing by which individual units of your code are tested to determine if they are fit for use.

How to Build a URL Shortener in React with Shrtcode


URLs tends to get lengthy, especially when parameters and query strings are attached. This can get annoying when you want to share a link. Learn how you can build a URL shortener in React to reduce the length of your links.

How To Build A Draggable Slider With JavaScript


On the desktop, draggable interactions use a mouse and a finger extension to move and pick up objects as we might be able to in real-life situations. Like other gestures, draggable interactions are aesthetically pleasing and increase user interaction, allowing users to stay connected throughout their visit to a site.

This blog post will teach you how to implement a draggable slider with JavaScript.

An Introduction to Linked List Data Structures

Development , Interviewing

Linked lists are fundamental linear data structures alongside stacks, queues, arrays, and lists. Linked lists are used in web browsers, arithmetic operations, and board game implementation. Learn the linked list data structure and how to implement them in this blog post.

What Front-End Developers Need to Know about CSS Variables


CSS variables allow you to store values and reuse them throughout your stylesheet, providing an easy way to make changes in one place and see the result across the whole stylesheet. Learn how to use CSS variables to improve your stylesheets in the article.

How to Animate A React Application With Framer Motion


Animations on web pages involve moving elements on the screen to improve the visual experience of users. In this article, you’ll learn how you can improve your React applications’ visual experience with Framer Motion.