Hire Confidently with The Coding Interview Platform

Developers trust CoderPad to help hire the right candidates because it’s simple – and just works.

Interview coding candidates in real-time with an intuitive development environment for pair-programming.

Join 4,000+ engineering teams using CoderPad to see skills in action

Effective solutions for every step of your technical hiring.

Run Skills Assessments

Quickly create auto-graded technical assessments without being technical

Identify the Best

Quickly filter and compare candidates based on their skills

Conduct Live Technical Interviews

Run pair-programming sessions in a collaborative, familiar IDE

Send Complex Take-Home Projects

Create projects that candidates can work through on their own time

CoderPad streamlines your tech recruiting at every step of the process.

Create technical tests in 60 seconds
(even if you’re not techy)

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Create a CoderPad Screen test quickly even if you are not technical

Delight candidates with assessments that aren’t boring.

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Use gamified tests to delight coding candidates that aren't boring

Spot the most skilled candidates at a glance to share with the hiring managers.

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Spot the most skilled candidates to pass on to a live coding interview

Code together before you work together. See how candidates collaborate and communicate on real-life problems.

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Code together in a collaborative real-world editor

Use interview notes and code playback to make objective hiring decisions.

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Replay every keystroke from the interview to make objective hiring decisions

Let their skills shine through with assessments and interviews which are:


Save time and money by halving your time to hire. CoderPad accelerates the hiring process.


A familiar IDE with the languages, frameworks necessary to recreate any challenge or project. Forget the algorithmic questions, your creativity is the only limit.


Easily standardize your assessments and interviews to reduce bias and simplify your hiring decisions.


Built by developers, for developers. Nine of out ten candidates are happy with their experience on our platform.

For BigCommerce, CoderPad was an instant fit. It’s reliable, accessible, and gives us real-time collaboration tools that save us time. With CoderPad, we found candidates can show their true skill sets without switching between unfamiliar platforms and hardware.

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