Technical Recruiting Solutions

The tech industry job market has irreversibly changed, and tech companies must adopt new technical recruiting solutions to compensate. Right now, the tech industry is facing an unprecedented shortfall of developers—but it’s not just that there are too few developers to be found. Rather, a lot of companies are still ignoring candidates who’ve gained skills through nontraditional routes—and even traditionally trained developers may be frustrated with common technical recruiting processes.

The Challenges of Hiring Top Technical Talent

The first challenge when it comes to technical recruiting solutions is that a lot of qualified candidates aren’t even making it to the first screening interview. That’s because they’re self-taught or they’ve taken bootcamps and online coding classes outside the traditional university system. If you only hire candidates with a college background, you’ll miss a lot of top-tier talent.

Secondly, even traditional developers are becoming disillusioned with conventional hiring processes. This includes: interview questions that rely on memorizing algorithms, technical screenings that involve text editors instead of full-fledged IDEs, and a focus on whiteboard questions during job interviews. These constraints can make it difficult for candidates to display their full range of creativity and qualifications during the interview process.

In short, the problems inherent with the technical interview process can make it very difficult for companies to hire either entry level or experienced developers.

How to Hire Better Technical Talent

Companies need to use technical recruiting solutions to screen candidates with less traditional education and backgrounds. They also need to make life easier for more experienced coders. You can solve both these problems using a technical interview platform that uses an online IDE.

First, recruiters can screen in candidates by hosting technical challenges on their jobs website. Basically, you host a coding challenge in an online IDE. Anyone who solves the challenge can obtain entry into the interview process. To avoid cheating or sharing answers, you can also assign individualized take-home projects. This should let a broader spectrum of candidates get a foot in the door.

Meanwhile, more experienced candidates will be happy to make use of a more full-fledged IDE during an live interview that includes developer features they expect, such as highlighting, autocomplete, and error-correction—plus the ability to run their code. This will allow them to display much more creative solutions without relying on memorization. A technical interview platform improved developer experience – helping to attract and keep your most promising interviewees.

About CoderPad’s Technical Recruiting Solution

CoderPad’s technical recruiting solution involves a full-fledged online IDE that’s been fully optimized for the interview process. This IDE provides everything that a candidate needs in order to have an unparalleled interview experience. This includes a collaborative environment, built-in audio/video, support for over 30 languages, and even a drawing mode to display system-level architectures.  You can host CoderPad take-home projects on your website and offer a full-fledged remote interviewing experience that will be both challenging and rewarding.