CoderPad Technical Recruiting Solutions

Any kind of job interview process is guaranteed to be stressful – but if you ask a programmer, they’ll tell you that technical interviews are the worst. Even if they’re interviewing for a dream job, many talented coders drop out prematurely because of the lengthy and stressful process. But, steps can be taken to ensure you don’t lose top talent in your hiring funnel. CoderPad’s technical recruiting solution helps you keep your most talented applicants interested in your company.

It’s All About Using the Right Tools

Technical recruiting solutions are often extremely ad-hoc—a videoconferencing program, a text editor, and maybe a copy of MS Paint that can stand in for a whiteboard. While these tools are cheap to procure and easy to use, they’re not easy to interview with. This is because programmers don’t use text editors or whiteboards to do their jobs.

For 99% of ordinary business activities, programmers use an integrated development environment, or IDE. The IDE serves several functions—it supports many programming languages, automatically highlights code snippets to provide visual clarity, and even includes an autocomplete/autocorrect function. Most importantly, the IDE lets programmers run the code that they write without switching applications. As such, many programmers will use the following workflow to accomplish most of their work:

  • Write code
  • Attempt to run code
  • Code crashes
  • Edit code based on crash
  • Run code again
  • Repeat until code runs

This “fail fast and iterate” process mirrors the philosophy of both DevOps and Agile at a macro scale. And this process should be mirrored in a developer interview.Your technical recruiting solution should simulate a real-life workflow as much as possible – and the ability to run code during the technical interview process is paramount.

Using CoderPad As Your Technical Recruiting Solution

CoderPad makes sense as a technical recruiting solution because it replicates most of the features in a traditional IDE—including the ability to run code. It also adds some features that an IDE doesn’t have, including a built-in whiteboard and a videoconferencing mode. It’s an all-in-one technical interview solution that makes life easy for people on both sides of the table.

With support for dozens of languages, the addition of basic autocorrect/autocomplete features, and developer-centric features like syntax highlighting, candidates can use the tools they’re accustomed to while answering your interview questions. Meanwhile, interviewers get to understand a candidate’s thought process while they’re at their most creative and empowered. In short, CoderPad gives you the ability to make your best candidates shine.