CoderPad: The Technical Interview Platform for Development Teams

Hiring the best developer candidates is hard. 

Teams need to accurately evaluate a candidate’s skill set quickly. Candidates need to show they fit a company’s unique needs. Simultaneously, teams need to protect valuable developer time and prevent interviewer burnout – all while they build a more diverse workforce through a bias-free hiring process. Whiteboard and screen-sharing interviews do not cut it.

Enter CoderPad.

CoderPad is a technical interview platform for leading development teams. It enables a quick, accurate read on a candidate’s skills. CoderPad works like an IDE to help candidates easily share their skills and ensure you understand how they work. Through both collaborative coding sessions and take-home projects, CoderPad is with you at every stage of the hiring process. 

CoderPad puts the developer experience first. Its speed and reliability are second to none — and the interface is intuitive and simple to use. It provides a canvas for you to create a personalized interview process that is unique to your team’s needs. Because every team is different — and every candidate wants to learn about you in the hiring process. 

CoderPad empowers teams to:

Assess Candidates Quickly and Accurately

CoderPad’s IDE-like environment means you can quickly evaluate candidates and get a better understanding of their thought processes. Tailor your interview assessment to fit your team’s needs – so you can find the right person faster.

Key features:

  • IDE – Write, execute and debug code – together
  • Drawing Mode – Sketch using shapes and text to visualize systems design
  • Video – See and speak to a candidate live all in one solution
  • Take-Home Projects – Send an independent coding challenge with test case scoring directly to your candidate – in their language of choice
  • Customizable environments – Create an interview assessment that is unique to your team’s needs with custom question bank, files, and database use

Increase Team Efficiency

Streamline and save time in the interview process. Reduce the hassle of technical interviewing by relying on one fast, reliable platform that’s simple and intuitive to use. With CoderPad, you choose the features that are right for your interview process so you can hire people faster.

Key features:

  • 30+ languages – Wide breadth of code language choice with native libraries and superior runtimes
  • Single platform – Everything you need to assess technical candidates in one platform
  • Native ATS integrations – Seamlessly schedule interviews, send take-home projects and review candidate results – all from your ATS

Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process

Conduct consistent, fair technical evaluations through a level playing field, not an overreliance on resumes. CoderPad’s stellar developer experience makes that possible by giving interviewees the space and comfort they need to do their best work. CoderPad offers real technical assessments – not stress tests – so you can evaluate someone’s true skills in a high-confidence way.

Key Features:

  • Focus Time – Give your candidates more space and comfort to do their best work – not participate in a stress test
  • Public Take-Home Projects – Cast a wider net and assess your top of funnel by their skills and abilities

CoderPad helps you find better technical candidates – faster. It delivers an unparalleled experience to both interviewers and candidates –  with a platform that scales with you. That’s why nearly 2,000 companies around the world – including Netflix, Slack and Snowflake – rely on CoderPad to find the best technical hires.