CoderPad’s Latest Evolution Helps Strengthen Engineering Teams by Making Technical Hiring Faster, Fairer, and More Realistic

SAN FRANCISCO– March 13, 2023 CoderPad today announced the launch of its integrated technical hiring platform, allowing companies to screen, interview, and review candidates from a single platform. Following last year’s acquisition of CodinGame, the new experience consolidates CoderPad’s suite of products to allow companies to easily identify and assess candidates with the right skills to fill open positions while mitigating bias.

“Technical interviewing continues to be unnecessarily hard for companies,” said Amanda Richardson, CEO, CoderPad. “It’s slow, filled with bias and still doesn’t identify the right talent. Bringing together the best-in-class gamified screening platform with the best-in-class collaborative interviewing platform will make the process faster, fairer and more real for our customers. And most importantly, it will ensure the best candidates get hired, putting the right talent on your development team.”

Customers will now have access to both CoderPad Screen, to asynchronously assess the technical skills of candidates, and CoderPad Interview, to conduct collaborative coding interviews. CoderPad offers the best value for technical hiring with unlimited users, as well as flexibility, allowing customers to scale use of each product to meet the ebbs and flows of their hiring needs.

CoderPad’s integrated platform allows companies to improve their technical hiring process by making it:

  • Fast: Customers can evaluate more candidates in less time with automated scoring and ranking, as well as set up assessments and interviews in just a few clicks, with little-to-no training needed.
  • Fair: CoderPad’s tools enable an unbiased approach to identifying top talent, allowing hiring teams to calibrate on what a qualified candidate looks like, prioritizing skills over vanity measures of worth. Companies can assess talent in a consistent, unbiased way with anonymized assessments pulled from a question bank; automated, impartial grading; and the ability to evaluate skills collaboratively.
  • Real: CoderPad allows companies to look beyond the resume with assessments that evaluate raw technical skills, a candidate’s thought process, problem-solving and communication skills, and real-life coding problems that give candidates a taste of the role they’re interviewing for and the team they’d work with.
  • Flexible: CoderPad’s flexible credit system adapts to customers’ needs, allowing companies to choose to screen and filter candidates, interview candidates, or a combination of both. Customers can add unlimited users, enabling recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers to collaborate on hiring decisions.
  • Loved: 97% of engineers prefer CoderPad because the platform enables a simple interview environment that mimics real-life work, removes biases, and allows them to be evaluated by their skills instead of vanity measures. CoderPad’s assessments have a 96% completion rate, which is 60% more than other tools.

“CoderPad is a true game changer for hiring,” said one CoderPad customer on G2. “Hiring was initially a stressful process, but with the help of CoderPad’s hiring technology, it became simple.”

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About CoderPad

CoderPad is a simple yet powerful online technical hiring platform that makes it easy to interview in the candidate’s language of choice so hiring managers can quickly get a quality signal of an engineer’s skills. We empower customers around the world to screen and interview best-in-class engineers with our comprehensive and flexible technology, responsive customer success team, and devotion to a great candidate experience. Headquartered in San Francisco, CoderPad serves over 4,000 customers, has hosted more than 2.5 million technical interviews in 30+ languages, and through CodinGame, enables 2 million+ developers to sharpen their skills, for free, by playing games and solving puzzles. Visit for more information.