CoderPad Launches ChatGPT Integration to Better Assess Technical Candidates

SAN FRANCISCO– May 16, 2023CoderPad today announced the launch of its ChatGPT integration in beta, allowing candidates and interviewers to leverage ChatGPT collaboratively as a resource during technical interviews. The integration enhances CoderPad’s ability to let hiring teams evaluate technical candidates in a real-world setting.

We strongly urge companies to embrace these new tools to make technical interviewing better.

“ChatGPT is changing the way developers work, but technical interviewing has yet to evolve alongside its technology until now,” said Amanda Richardson, CEO, CoderPad. “CoderPad is leading the charge to provide an interview experience that replicates candidates’ day-to-day work, with all of the tools and technologies that help them become stronger developers. This integration will provide interviewers with better indicators of candidates’ resourcefulness, efficiency, and critical thinking skills to help them determine if the candidate would bring value to their team.”

A ChatGPT dialog box will now be included in each interview pad where both candidates and interviewers can ask questions to ChatGPT, which will be captured in code playback and saved to the interview. Interviewers can then gauge how resourceful candidates are by seeing how they interact with ChatGPT, as well as assess critical thinking skills as they consider ChatGPT’s response before adapting and using it appropriately.

Interviewers who want to embrace ChatGPT can use the tool in multiple ways to improve the hiring process. Some of these include:

  • Have a candidate ask ChatGPT to solve a question, get the result, and have the candidate critique the results to assess if they were able to improve the code.
  • Have the candidate ask ChatGPT to solve a question and then have the candidate write a readme on how the code works.
  • Use ChatGPT to help refresh or create new questions that test for one of the most valuable soft skills: resourcefulness.

“Large Language Models will not replace developers, but rather make them more efficient,” continued Richardson. “We strongly urge companies to embrace these new tools to make technical interviewing better.”

Wide availability will follow next month. Find out how CoderPad’s skills-based technical hiring platform makes interviewing a better experience for all by visiting

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