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Running CoffeeScript 2.6 under Node.js v16 – IntelliSense is not available

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Guidelines to use CoffeeScript in this online IDE

CoffeeScript in CoderPad just runs on top of the JavaScript environment, the only difference being that we do not run CoffeeScript with the --harmony flag.

We also have an array of interesting npm packages available for your use:

Here’s a quick example of how to use sinon and chai:

  chai = require('chai')
  sinon = require('sinon')
  sinonChai = require('sinon-chai')

  hello = (name, cb) ->
    cb 'hello ' + name

  chai.use sinonChai
  cb = sinon.spy()
  hello 'world', cb
  cb.should.have.been.calledWith 'this test should fail'
Code language: CoffeeScript (coffeescript)

as well as mocha:

  Mocha = require('mocha')
  assert = require('assert')
  mocha = new Mocha

  # Bit of a hack, sorry!
  mocha.suite.emit 'pre-require', this, 'solution', mocha

  describe 'Test suite', ->
    it 'should work', ->
      assert true
Code language: CoffeeScript (coffeescript)
  • You can use asyncrequest, and isomorphic-fetch for making async HTTP a little more convenient.
  • q and bluebird are promise libraries to help make managing async in general easier.
  • jsdom is a library for mimicking an HTML DOM within our JS environment. Useful if you want to manipulate elements without using our full HTML/CSS/JS environment.

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