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Running CoffeeScript 2.6 under Node.js v16 - IntelliSense is not available

CoffeeScript in CoderPad just runs on top of the JavaScript environment, the only difference being that we do not run CoffeeScript with the --harmony flag.

We also have an array of interesting npm packages available for your use:

Here’s a quick example of how to use sinon and chai:

chai = require('chai') sinon = require('sinon') sinonChai = require('sinon-chai') hello = (name, cb) -> cb 'hello ' + name return chai.should() chai.use sinonChai cb = sinon.spy() hello 'world', cb cb.should.have.been.calledWith 'this test should fail'
Code language: CoffeeScript (coffeescript)

as well as mocha:

Mocha = require('mocha') assert = require('assert') mocha = new Mocha # Bit of a hack, sorry! mocha.suite.emit 'pre-require', this, 'solution', mocha describe 'Test suite', -> it 'should work', -> assert true
Code language: CoffeeScript (coffeescript)
  • You can use asyncrequest, and isomorphic-fetch for making async HTTP a little more convenient.
  • q and bluebird are promise libraries to help make managing async in general easier.
  • jsdom is a library for mimicking an HTML DOM within our JS environment. Useful if you want to manipulate elements without using our full HTML/CSS/JS environment.

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