TypeScript Interview Questions for Developers

Use our engineer-created questions to interview and hire the most qualified TypeScript developers for your organization.

TypeScript is popular choice for companies that value the web development prowess of JavaScript but wanted the security and error prevention that comes with added type safety.

According to the CoderPad 2023 Developer survey, TypeScript is the 5th most in-demand language among technical recruiters and hiring managers.

In order to assess the TypeScript proficiency of developers in coding interviews, we have supplied practical coding tasks and interview queries below. Furthermore, we have delineated a collection of recommended guidelines to guarantee that your interview inquiries effectively gauge the candidates’ TypeScript capabilities.

TypeScript example question

Help us design a parking lot

Hey candidate! Welcome to your interview. Boilerplate is provided. Feel free to change the code as you see fit. To run the code at any time, please hit the run button located in the top left corner.

Goals: Design a parking lot using object-oriented principles

Here are a few methods that you should be able to run:

  • Tell us how many spots are remaining
  • Tell us how many total spots are in the parking lot
  • Tell us when the parking lot is full
  • Tell us when the parking lot is empty
  • Tell us when certain spots are full e.g. when all motorcycle spots are taken
  • Tell us how many spots vans are taking up


  • The parking lot can hold motorcycles, cars and vans
  • The parking lot has motorcycle spots, car spots and large spots
  • A motorcycle can park in any spot
  • A car can park in a single compact spot, or a regular spot
  • A van can park, but it will take up 3 regular spots
  • These are just a few assumptions. Feel free to ask your interviewer about more assumptions as needed

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Interview best practices for TypeScript roles

For successful TypeScript interviews, taking into account multiple aspects such as the applicant’s experience level and the engineering position is crucial. To guarantee that your TypeScript interview inquiries produce optimal outcomes, we suggest adhering to the following best practices when engaging with candidates:

  • Devise technical queries that correspond with real-world business scenarios within your organization. This approach not only makes the interview more captivating for the applicant but also allows you to more effectively gauge their fit for your team.
  • Encourage the candidate to pose questions throughout the interview and cultivate a cooperative atmosphere.
  • Assess their knowledge of TypeScript best practices, including using strict mode, avoiding the ‘any’ type when possible, and leveraging the power of the type system to write clean, maintainable code.

Moreover, it is essential to follow conventional interview practices when carrying out TypeScript interviews. This encompasses tailoring the question difficulty according to the applicant’s development skill level, offering prompt feedback regarding their application status, and permitting candidates to inquire about the evaluation or collaborating with you and your team.