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Advanced Stored Procedures In MySQL


Many database management systems today can use stored procedures to execute tasks on the database. Learn the concepts and techniques of advanced stored procedures in MySQL from this blogpost.

Code Challenge: Brainfuck Interpreter

Coding Challenges

Brainfuck is a very simple programming language with only eight instructions. Despite its simplicity, it’s actually Turing-complete! Think you have what it takes to complete a Brainfuck interpreter? Solve the challenge in the blog post sandbox.

A Guide To Using React’s useMemo Hook


React is one of the most used JavaScript libraries, and it is used for building fast and interactive user interfaces. But at times, implementing certain functions, fetching massive data from external sources, and lots more make it difficult for your React applications to run fast, thereby reducing performance. Learn how to optimize your React applications, and when you should use it in this article.

MySQL JOIN Clause: A Detailed Guide


A common need when using a relational database is to combine data from more than one table, creating a cohesive result. In this blog post, we’ll cover the JOIN clause in MySQL.

How To Write Integration Tests With Jest And React Testing Library


When you build applications or websites as a developer, your primary goal is to ensure it works. To ensure it works, you test your application by checking if it works as expected, but we often perform this testing manually, which is referred to as manual testing. 

Learn how to write integration tests in React using Jest and React Testing library.

Svelte Vs. React: Which Is Better?


As a front-end developer, what framework would be the best to use in a project? Should you go with React? Is Svelte a more beginner-friendly choice? In this article, we compare React and Svelte to some key factors to aid your decision to choose a library for your next project.

An Introduction To Stored Procedures In MySQL


Stored procedures can be extremely useful in improving the efficiency of your database, saving you time, money, and lots of work-related headaches. Many database management systems today can use stored procedures to execute tasks on the database. Learn what a stored procedure is, the pros and how you can use them in your database operations.

How to Configure Different Load Balancing Algorithms on Nginx


During times of high traffic, the overall performance of most web applications drops, the latency rises, and sometimes the request times out. This often happens when the server’s computing power is insufficient to process the workload during high traffic. This article teaches how to keep your server’s uptime high and maintain good performance using load-balancing algorithms.

World Cup Data Analytics Tiny Interview

Coding Challenges

The FIFA World Cup is a global sporting event where national soccer teams compete to determine the world champion every four years! Use your data analytics knowledge to discover exciting world cup history facts like “which country received the most red cards per match on average” Use the sandbox below to get started and practice your data analytic skills!