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Hire Better, Faster and in a More Human Way with Take-Home Projects


Recruiting top talent takes a combination of creativity and diligence. Technology makes it incredibly easy to reach a wide audience of qualified job-seekers. But, consistently interviewing applicants, especially programmers, gets complicated. Layer in a very competitive developer hiring landscape and you’ve got yourself an uphill journey to fill any open req in a timely way.

Fortunately, there is a way to cast a wide net and find the best developer talent – without spending eight hours a day interviewing.

Take-home projects are the answer. These independent coding exercises are a simple, effective way to screen larger pools of early candidates, ensuring their skills meet your requirements:

  • Score submissions in the language of your choice.
  • Share take-home projects directly with candidates or via a public link on a careers page.
  • Assign to candidates for completion on their own time.
  • Add automated test cases (visible or hidden).
  • Scale generating assessments via the bulk pad creation feature.

Other benefits include:

  • Time savings 
    • Developer Hiring Managers and teams are pressed for time. Take-home projects make it easy to review candidates early in the process. Plus, they automatically evaluate submissions helping to filter fast and ensure only the best candidates move forward as a result. 
  • Objective skills assessment 
    • Each take-home project can give you an objective view of each applicant, prioritizing skills assessment over more subjective reviews and phone interviews. Reduce confirmation biases from your hiring practices by keeping the focus on a candidate’s skills.
  • Remove bias
    • As companies pursue bias-free hiring, ensuring every candidate has the same experience is important. With take-home projects, create one exercise with the same time limit given to every applicant, ensuring the candidate experience and evaluation is consistent for everyone.
  • Scalability
    • Are your job posts generating a big candidate pipeline? Scaling the evaluation process can be a burden. Take-home projects are easily generated in bulk, allowing you to quickly create and distribute larger volumes of Pads to your applicants.
  • Effective evaluation
    • Evaluate candidates more effectively, identifying those who are the right fit faster. After a candidate submits their exercise, use Playback to watch a replay of the candidate solving the problem. You’ll get a much deeper view into their problem solving skills than the typical résumé screen or LinkedIn credentials. 

CoderPad’s take-home projects transform the way teams like yours evaluate candidates early in the hiring process. Save yourself the time and headache of reading résumé after résumé by evaluating applicants on their actual skills – and hire better people in the process.

Learn more about using take-home projects in your technical hiring.