Guide for Using Drawing Mode

This document is for technical interviewers who want to use whiteboarding capabilities during their interviews

During technical interviews you may need to sketch out a system or describe technical architecture, so we added the ability to draw and diagram within a pad. You can conduct the interview entirely in Drawing Mode or toggle between the IDE and Drawing Mode. Drawing Mode can be placed alongside the code so you can easily switch between the two.

To Turn On Drawing Mode

You can access Drawing Mode inside of the pad environment (note: Drawing Mode is not available in take-home project pads). Click the button “Drawing Mode” located next to the “Run” button in the top left hand side of the IDE. Drawing mode will open within the IDE. Note, that candidates and interviewers each have individual control to open and close Drawing Mode. If the interviewer opens Drawing Mode, the candidate would have to open Drawing Mode also.

Open Drawing Mode

Using Drawing Mode in an Interview

Once you open Drawing Mode, you can move and resize the drawing area. For most interviews, it’s always good to have your code in the left hand side of the screen, and drawing mode sitting just to the right of it.

Drawing Mode View

Drawing Mode allows you to to create and move shapes, objects and lines, as well as type, draw and erase. The interviewer can sketch out a concept for the candidate before they start to code, or the candidate can draw or diagram to explain a system. You will be able to follow the drawers cursor as it moves around the screen.

Closing Drawing Mode

To close Drawing Mode, each participant can click the “X” located on the top right hand corner of Drawing Mode. You can go back into Drawing Mode at any time and the diagram will be saved in the same state as you when you closed Drawing Mode.

Playback and After the Interview

You will be able to see the final state of the drawing as part of the pad playback for review. If Drawing Mode was enabled during the pad session, there will be a tab on the right side of the editor to review the drawing – labeled “Drawing”. If Drawing Mode was not enabled during the pad session, the tab will not appear.

Drawing Tab in Playback Mode