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Creating a pad for a Take-Home interview

There are two different ways to create a Take-Home pad for an interview. We’ll go through two scenarios to showcase the different ways that you can create a Take-Home.

Creating Bulk Take-Homes

For Take-Homes, we give you the option to create interviews in bulk. In the scenario that you have several candidates that you would like to complete a challenge, this is the best way to create Take-Home pads.

  1. From the Dashboard, click on the Challenges button located in the sidebar
  2. Select a Challenge that you would like to use to send to the candidates. If you have not created any of your own challenges, check out this article to help you get started.
  3. Once you have selected a Challenge, click on the “Create Take-Homes…” button
  4. Input the name of the candidate (or appropriate naming conventions your company uses) to create a Take-Home. Click on the “+ Add Take-Home” button to add more inputs that allows you to create a pad for each candidate you would like to send this too.You can also set the time limit for the Take-Home. This makes the interview process more fair by allowing each candidate the same amount of time to complete the challenge. If you would like to set no time limit, that is also an option.
  5. Once set up, click on the “Create Take-Homes and Get URLs” button to generate the individual links that you will send to each candidate.
  6. Send the specified link to each candidate.
  7. When a candidate has completed the challenge, you will be notified via email and can also check your dashboard to review the code and move forward in your interview process.

Creating a Take-Home within a pad

Creating an individual Take-Home pad is very similar to creating a pad for live interviews.

  1. First, to create a new pad, simply login and go to your dashboard
  2. Click on the “Create Pad” button located in the sidenav. A new page will open with your technical environment. Note that the URL is specific. This is the link that you/your team and the candidate will use when it comes time for the interview.
  3. The following steps will turn your live interview pad, into a take-home pad.
    • Click on the settings button located in the bottom right of a pad environment
    • In the right hand column, toggle “Pad Type” from Live to Take-Home. This will change a few of the settings underneath the toggle
    • Once you have enabled the pad to take-home, you have the option to set a time-limit. You have a few options ranging from 1 hour to no limit at all
  4. Now that the pad is set for take-home, make sure you have the pad contents laid out for the candidate e.g. having all of your instructions and questions within the pad environment available for the candidate.
  5. Once you send this pad to the candidate, they will be briefed that the pad is a take-home project and when they click “begin”, the timer will start.