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Test management

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Duplicate a test

Duplicating a test is an efficient way to create a new test containing similar content to an existing test.

In SCREENING go to My Tests and scroll to the test you want to copy.

Click on the three dots to the right of the test title (1) and select Duplicate (2) from the drop-down list.

CodinGame adds a copy of the test underneath the original. The title of the copied test is the same as the original plus the word “copy“.

Click through to the test copy and click Test settings to configure the copied test.

General settings

Amend the GENERAL settings as desired.

Customization settings

Customize the email invitation in the CUSTOMIZATION tab, taking care not to remove [[NAME]] and [[LINK]] tags from the email text.

Export a test

In the Test settings you can set a link in the EXPORT tab to share the test.

✅ Export functionality is only available on GROWTH or ENTERPRISE accounts and requires backend admin and user account set up. 

Click Get a new link for a link to send to the administrator of the CodinGame account you want to share your test with.

In the drop-down list, select the access you want to grant to the receiving account.

  1. If you select Share with detailed reports the receiving account gains full access to candidate reports, including the list of questions and answers.
  2. If you select Share with simplified reports the receiving account only sees the candidates’ final score.

COPY the link and send it. 

Archive a test

Archiving tests removes them from the My Tests list until you want to use them again.

Go to My Tests and scroll to the test you want to archive.

Click on the three dots to the right of the test title and select Archive from the dropdown list.

The test disappears from the list.

To see it again, tick the Include archived tests box at the top of the list.

Archived tests appear in the list together with an archive box logo. 

To add the test to the main list again, click on the three dots to the right of the test title and select Unarchive from the dropdown list.

The test is visible again in the main list, without an archive icon.

Brand a test

Branding features are available to TEAM, BUSINESS, or ENTERPRISE plans.

To customize your test when it’s ready, click on Settings then Customization.

✅ If you did not customize your test when you created it, this can be done at any time by clicking on the name of the test. 

Edit email template

Edit the subject and body of your email that invites your candidates to take the test. 

⚠️ Do NOT remove [[NAME]] and [[LINK]] tags from the email text.

To add branding to the test, customize the introduction screen that candidates see when they click on the invitation link. 

You can add images, new text, etc. 

You can also customize the last page of your test. 

Lastly, add your company logo and name to the Company Profile page. They will appear in all invitation emails, introduction pages, and candidate reports. 

Default test settings

Default test settings automatically apply to new tests. You can edit the default test settings and the changes will then apply to all new tests.

On the My Tests page, click Default settings.

✅ Options are the same as individual test settings. 

In the GENERAL tab, choose settings for:

  • Language
  • Whether candidates can copy and paste as part of the test
  • Sending candidates simplified reports of their results
  • Number of days after which test invitations expire, and
  • Type of test timer

In the CUSTOMIZATION tab you can edit the emails you send to your candidates.

✅ You can still choose to apply specific settings and branding to any single test. See the Editing test settings page for instructions.