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Editing Existing Questions

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If you want to update an existing question, you’re able to do so from the question bank. On the question you want to edit, select the additional options menu and select “Edit”

This will load your existing question data into the question wizard, and you can make updates.

Here, you can change the interview types this question can be used in, candidate instructions, starting code, and more. 

Upgrading Old Questions

If you have older questions in your question bank, you’re able to edit those questions here as well. You can add candidate instructions to live questions that did not originally support this functionality. You can also add images to candidate instructions by using markdown to link in an image.

Additionally, you can update any older questions that were originally created for only live or take-home interviews to add support for use in both interview types. Just check the box on the first step to make this change and fill in any additional fields to update your question.

Test Cases

Keep in mind that test cases are currently only available for take-homes questions. If you add live interview type to an existing question with test cases, it will remove the test cases.

If you’ve toggled the question type and accidentally removed test cases, you can close the tab before saving on the final step – this will revert your changes and bring the test cases back.

Add image to candidate instructions

1. Go to My Content in the Question Bank. Click the three dots and select “Edit” from the dropdown options on the question you want to add an image to.

2. In Step 1, add the image markdown to the Candidate Instructions section. The image must be externally hosted and public. 

Use the following markdown format:

![Image title](External image link). 

3. Preview the image in candidate instructions.