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In-pad settings allow you to customize the candidate and interviewer experience at assessment time by applying common IDE functionality to the interview pad. Your candidate will appreciate having access to familiar autocomplete functions, text editor settings, and more.

These settings are global and affect all your pads.

Click the ‘Settings’ button in the lower-right corner of the pad to see the options.

Editor settings

Editor settings allow interviewers and candidates to adjust code input and visual settings.

Key bindings

Choose from standard text editor key bindings, Emacs, or Vim for power users. 

Vimium is not compatible with our Vim mode.

Font size

Select your preferred font size for the editor and terminal from the dropdown menu.

Tab spacing

Customize the tab size used for indentation in the pad’s selected programming language. You can have unique spacing settings per language.

Code autocompletion

Enable code autocompletion for C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, and Swift 5. 

Trigger autocomplete in the pad by typing “.”

Or “Ctrl + space”:

Auto-close brackets

Have the pad deal with bracket-closure while you’re coding.

Color scheme

Adjust the color scheme to your preference; light or dark.

Pad settings

Pad settings allow interviewers to customize an assessment before time, have immediate access to playback mode for reviewing, and quickly access account settings.

Pad type

Set the pad session to be a live interview or take-home assessment.

Code execution

Disable code execution if your focus is solely on writing code and you are not interested in any output.


Keep the pad URL private until you are ready to start the interview.

Playback history

Access playback mode for completed interviews and take-home projects.

Account settings

Go to your account settings.