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Private Interviewer Notes

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As an interviewer, CoderPad gives you the ability to type out any notes you have during the actual interview. The candidate does not have access to see these notes. All notes can be saved in markdown.

To access the interviewer notes, simply click on the “Interviewer Notes” tab located in the right pane of the IDE (it is next to “Program Output”). During the interview, you can switch between these tabs at any point.

You can also input code into the interviewer notes section using markdown. Here’s an markdown example of how to write a Javascript code block:

# The candidate wrote the below code. They managed to come to a solution but ultimately it was hard to understand what all the callbacks do. ```javascript var recurse = 100; var recursed = 0; (function (callback){ callback(callback); })(function(callback){ recursed++; console.log('recursed ' + recursed + ' times'); if(recursed < recurse){ callback(callback); } });
Code language: PHP (php)